2021: a year of short trips

It was September 2019. Two super-close friends were down in Mumbai at same time. We went out for dinner one night, and did a lot of catching up, and at the end of it we decided to do a London trip the next year.

Fast forward to early Feb 2020: I had a itinerary draft in place — no idea why I'm always obsessed with doing them — and I was *gestures with fingers* this close to booking flight tickets when we realized COVID was serious, and we thought we should postpone the trip for a while until things settled down. You probably guessed how that went :D

From the day we decided to do the trip

Now I'm the last person that should be allowed to complain about 2020. But I really wanted to make up for the London trip. So in December 2020, I decided to do a short trip a month starting the next year.

I'm on track so far.

Visited a lake in Jan. Two beaches in Feb. And I got a loooong list of peopleless places prepared for the rest of the year. Being a morning person makes making these short trips easier too. I'm usually up by 5:30 AM. It's not far-fetched to drive to a close by spot, spend some time, breathe some air, and be back by 1PM.

I'm not the best at keeping up with my new year resolutions — they beat me every single time. But I've always got a lot out of them. For example, last year I resolved to read 20 books and I ended up reading 18.

Still a win, if you ask me!

But the trips (and my daily morning walks) have been serving as a constant reminder of the beautiful world outside my four walls.

I don't think I'm failing this one ;)

Update Jan 2022: Failed miserably on this one!