43 days without a smartphone

Last year, moisture condensed in my phone during a monsoon trek and it stopped working. I couldn't decide on what phone to get next, and thought I'd wait for a while and ended up waiting for 43 days until I got another phone.

Here's some of my observations from the notes I made back then:

  • I din't miss the smartphone.
  • But going anywhere out was difficult, because I heavily depend on Google Maps.
  • No WhatsApp, less noise.
  • No snapchat -- caused me to use twitter more.
  • Twitter, Messenger & Emails only on the computer.
  • 2FA was a pain because I now had to requests for SMS.

People often talk about how we're all dependent on our phones. Now in my case I still had a T9 phone (dumb phone?) so I could make calls or send texts when I had to. But in general I din't miss my phone that much. It was just more of an inconvenience that anything else.