Encouraging change

Here's an old conversation from a WhatsApp group:

A: I wanna learn how to make sounds like the Chainsmokers
B: Lol. I hate them. Sorry.
<omitting a bit for brevity>
A: They can't sing for sure. Seen a live performance. Super disappointed!
B: Yaa. They suck. That's the thing about these pop artists. They last for a while and then all go pop! See the old rock bands - that's real music man. GnR, Green Day, Beatles, Queen - that's real music...
...and it went on because group chats, you know?

Music has always been evolving. And every once in a while, a new genre "pops" up. Pentatonix even made a nice video on it:

I wonder what people would have thought of EDM-like music back in the 90s. Some musicians probably tried to experiment with new music forms. Since experiments are generally different from mainstream music; I bet there were people that couldn't stand it. Even today, not everyone necessarily likes every genre out there! Adam Neely made a video on it just a few days back:

Adam Neely on why we like certain kinds of music over others.

We say we encourage change but the truth is we only do so as long as it suits our tastes, conveniences, opinions or beliefs. I think the trick to truly encourage change is in not judging people for their opinions but embracing them along with their opinions.

To some, it might not make sense to encourage something they don't necessarily believe in, but the way I think of it (as of now at least): it's very easy to end up discouraging someone if you aren't encouraging them.

Here's something semi-(un)related, for your viewing pleasure 😬