Being productive as an Independent developer

This post has been on my draft ever since I started this blog. And I've been updating it over the years — I'm sure this will benefit you and the future me.


Rule of thumb: Be proactive rather than reactive. I check my phone in intervals and respond to non-work contacts only after work hours if possible.

  • Phone on priority/silent mode while you need to be focused.
  • Disable notifications sounds/vibrations for every possible app. Prefer LED only notifications.
  • Use Inbox for gmail, and only have high priority notifications on.
  • Do not pick that call or respond to that message if you're busy.
  • Mute every messaging-group you're part of. Leave the group if it doesn't benefit you.
  • Mute/block people that literally spam you.
  • Limit your daily social apps to just 1 or 2. Logout of the app after every use if you find yourself using it too often. And turn off notifications!


  • Sleep enough, take enough rest. Don't force yourself to work when you're very tired.
  • Trying to sleep at a fixed time helps a lot. This alone improved my productivity a great deal.
  • I also think it's important to spend time with family and friends, and do things you love doing. Doing things outside of work helps my productivity.


  • Don't let your thoughts wander. Focus. Can't focus? Take a break. Got to be really consious about this one: am I working or taking a break?
  • Keep asking yourself if you're doing what you need to do.


  • Renew your goal everyday - motivate yourself everyday
  • Do not multitask - do one thing at a time.
  • Be accountable and take responsibility.
  • Take notes and review it at least once a week.


Rule of thumb: fixed routines are easier than ever-changing schedules.

  • Calendar appointments
  • Deadlines

What's helped you in improving your productivity? Any thing you'd like to add?