More journal posts from now on

At the start of this year, I thought I'll write a blog-post or two every month. But a number of things decided to come my way and writing din't get the time it deserved.

The problem is that getting back to something after a break is harder when it's been not a habit. So from now on, I'm gonna write here on my web-journal whenever I feel like, and whatever I feel like.  The idea is to make writing a habit. Just like coding, or reading, or playing the piano is.

On the good side though, so much has happened. I barely use my phone anymore. I've been more productive at work. Been making progress on the piano. Been experimenting with some baking. So no complains.

Anyway, since I'm going to be writing a lot, I decided to turn email notifications off for a bit because I don't want to spam. Emails for posts on the code blog will continue to go out.