Piano practice plan for 2020

I wasn't ready for a practice plan at the beginning of the year. But I think now is the right time. Kind of remembered to do this because of Aimee's recent video, a video worth watching:

I unfortunately can't commit enough time everyday to finish a song in a week given my skill level—the playing bit is easy but the brain bit is not—so I'm going to be patient with myself and make sure I continue to practice everyday.

If I stick to the plan, I might get the hang of it by the end of the year. Wouldn't know if I don't practice everyday though 😁

Goals for 2020

Learn 6 Jazz Standards to:

  1. Internalize guide tones, and chord changes.
  2. Practice different chord voicings on all 12 keys.
  3. Practice walking basslines on all 12 keys.
  4. Learn the lyrics, and sing along. (I tend to sing flat while playing.)

I've already started with autumn leaves, learnt the lyrics, and can play it in a couple keys too!

Last year I promised myself to spend more time with sheet music, and as a result I've gotten more comfortable transcribing simple music even though the original plan was only to practice reading sheet music. Now I don't want to stop that, so I decided to learn (and maybe memorize) a few more pieces from sheet music:

  1. Maple Leaf Rag – Scott Joplin, 1970.
  2. Prelude Op.28 N.9 (Raindrop) – Frederic Chopin, 1838.
  3. Sonata N.20 in G Major, Op.49 N.2 – Ludwig van Beethoven, 1796.

There's something about learning music from paper (not talking about lead sheets), because it forces me to absorb the underlying chords in a very different way than I would with lead sheets.