Sometimes you still lose

Spoiler Alert: Contains Watch_Dogs 1 game storyline spoilers.

Spoiler Alert: Contains Watch_Dogs 1 game storyline spoilers.

I'm not much of a gaming person. The last game I played was Assassin's Creed III. About 3 weeks back, I din't feel like reading, and was looking for something else to do. I happened to google Watch Dogs, and guess what—it was available for free at the time on Epic Games and I installed it immediately.

The game wasn't too long or too short: took me three weekends to finish the main storyline. I did enjoy it and will definitely buy Watch Dogs 2, and its sequel when it's out, when I feel like playing. Now my mind is back into its usual reading mode.

I once happened to be a judge for a little children's competition, and it made me feel really uncomfortable. I love helping people in anyway I can, but I've always felt like it's not in my place to "judge" others in a comparative way given how unique everyone is. I'd rather try to encourage each one individually than reduce them to a number. So the whole vigilante thingie din't really appeal to me. But it's a game, so whatever.

Clara's death was a surprise. I din't see that coming. (In hindsight, I should have because something similar happens in Assassin's Creed III which was also a game by Ubisoft.) Her last words were the best. And honestly, it beats me why Aiden din't just call her up on phone and speak his mind out the moment he understood Clara's predicament.

The lighthouse incident was good too. And the same with the end. I chose to leave Maurice. And if I had a choice in the game, Aiden would've ceased to be "the vigilante" after that, and would have left Chicago to be closer to his sister and nephew.

And this sure was the best song to put things to an end:

Update 9 April: I ended up buying Watch Dogs 2 because it was on spring sale for $12.59. So much better than the first part. But now I'm back to books 😬